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Cost-effective motor controller.

Simple motor controller for repeatable motion. With a pushbutton interface, variable speed, and limit switch inputs for positions the Deck Chief is great for permanent installations in schools, community theatres, and houses of worship.

Great if you need to open & close curtains, position speaker clusters, or raise  & lower a pit lift. Deck Chief has no learning curve and can be operated by facility staff, stage technicians, or teachers with no training.

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Simple Operation

Forward. Reverse. Stop. It doesn’t get any easier. Intuitive push button interface with soft-start for smooth and simple operation.

Physical limit switches ensure that moving scenery never over travels. In case the unexpected should occur an Emergency Stop button is right where you need it.

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Flexibility is King

Connections are available to suit your preference. Select rugged industrial locking connectors, XLR, or M12.

Deck Chief can also be hardwired for permanent installations. Mount it backstage in a theater, in the booth at a church, or in the grid at a convention center or arena.

Less cables means less trips hazards and less mess to hide.

Variable Speed

Easily and simply set your speed with a dial. 0-100%. Set it and move it.  Simple does not mean slow. Deck Chief allows for speed adjustments with the turn of a knob.

Dual limit switches allow for a slow down trigger to ramp down the speed just before the end of travel.

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Keep it safe

We can’t talk about automated scenery with out safety planning. Deck Chief has a built in e-stop circuit (the ubiquitous red mushroom button), integrated branch circuit protection, and a lockout key. 

A integrated e-stop circuit ensures nothing moves unless you want it to. For an additional layer of safety, a keyed lockout guarantees that only authorized users can operate the moving scenery.

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Ready to add a Deck Chief to your Show?

Connect with an automation expert now.


  • Size: 14″ wide x 16″ high x 8″ deep

  • Input Voltage: 200VAC‐240VAC 50/60Hz 3PH

  • Max Input Current: 30 amps

  • Motor Output Voltage: 230VAC 0.2Hz-60Hz

  • Max Motor Output Power: 5HP

  • Brake Output: 200VAC‐240VAC 1PH

  • Limit Switch Inputs: Forward stop, forward slow, reverse stop, reverse slow (Normally-closed dry contact)

  • Limit Switch Power: 24VDC/ 10mA

$ 6050
Deck Chief

Push button simple variable speed motor controller.


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