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Simple Input/Output Controller

Stagehand FX is a flexible I/O controller.  Give it 120VAC power, an ethernet connection, and a Showstopper cable and you’re ready to control simple effects with Spikemark.  With Stagehand FX, you can now coordinate both simple switched devices and motors being run by Stagehand motion controllers.

Expandable & Safe

Each Stagehand FX operates 4 relay outputs (rated for 3A at 30VAC/42VDC), and can sense 4 dry-contact inputs.  You can connect various power sources to the relay outputs making it easy to control solenoid valves, and small motors from a single Stagehand FX.  Any switch can be connected to the Stagehand FX inputs and used to trigger cue links.

Each Stagehand FX integrates with the Showstopper emergency stop system to ensure that all effects can be halted in an instant if any problems develop.

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Easy to Setup

Stagehand FX uses pluggable terminal blocks for the I/O connections, making it easy for you to connect any device.

Ready to add a Stagehand FX to your Show?

Connect with an automation expert now.


  • Size: 17”W x 8”D x 3-7/16”H or 2U

  • Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz

  • Max power supply current: 1.25 amps

  • Switched output contact rating: 3A @ 30VAC

  • Control input rating:Dry contact closure

$ 2100
Stagehand FX

Integrate simple switch devices into shows. Control plug it into Spikemark

Want to Rent a Stagehand FX?

Rent a controller when you need it for just a short time. (Rentals start at just $50 per week)


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