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Automation Station

For venues that need rigging control and production automation, Stage Manager packs intuitive, powerful, and flexible tools in a single elegant operator station. Powered by Spikemark, Stage Manager is an automation desk that anyone can use to move between Presets or an automation pro can program and run complicated and intricate shows smoothly and safely.

You now have a home base for programming, rehearsing, performing, and troubleshooting. Stage Manager is more than the sum of its parts, its the most comprehensive automation user interface.

Spikemark Software

Stage Manager is driven by the latest Spikemark automation software. It is quick to learn, fast to program, and intuitive to use. Designed so that a novice can immediately and safely start moving scenery but powerful enough to control the most complex productions for theaters of all sizes (from Broadway to high schools), theme parks, kinetic artwork, and more.
Spikemark is compatible with all Creative Conners automation machines and facility automation provided by the most popular lineset hoists manufacturers.
Advance cuing allows for time-based, speed-based, and linked cues. Cues can be time delayed, auto-follow, or triggered by position data. Stacking cues means multiple movements can be triggered simultaneously.
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Modes. Users. Lock Out.

Protect performers, scenery, and facility by utilizing Stage Manager’s tiered user environment.

Administrator users can unlock Stage Manager’s programming, cueing, troubleshooting features.

Show mode locks down any changes or modifications to the show file but still allows a user to execute programmed cues and move motors to preset Spikes.When not in use, Stage Manager has a key lock-out to ensure that no unauthorized users can access the system.

Jog. Program. Run.

Stage Manager brings the same intuitive, powerful, and flexible tools to venues that need rigging control and production automation in a single elegant operator station.

Take control of your show however you want. StageManager includes a keyboard, touch screen, jog wheel, joystick, and cue control buttons. Use the method that works best for you and the task at hand.

With the addition of the Showstopper Rack, a Showstopper 4 emergency stop, an UPS, dimmable backlight allow it to be install on a catwalk, backstage, or in a tech booth.
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Ready to add a Stage Manager to your Show?

Connect with an automation expert now.


  • Size: 24”W x 12.31”D x 31.15”H

  • Input Voltage: 110VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz, 5A max

  • 21.5

  • 2 Showstopper 4 Accessory Ports

  • 2 Ethernet Ports

  • 1 External USB port

  • Integrated Keyboard

$ 18850
Stage Manager

Automation Control Station to take command of your show.

Want to Rent a Stage Manager

Rent it when you need it for just a short time. (Rentals start at just $250 per week)


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