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Updating Stagehand Firmware

Stagehand firmware – we update it for a reason, so should you!

Every Stagehand Controller has a Stagehand Card inside, listening to Spikemark and talking to the VFD.  These cards require firmware running on the microprocessor to function the way we expect – every now and then we update the firmware with new features and bug fixes.  Firmware updates for any Stagehand motor controller or Stagehand Mini^2 are distributed and installed through Sprikemark.  You can see what hardware and firmware version your Stagehand is running from the Hardware pane in Spikemark. 

Below is a list of Stagehand Control Cards and the Stagehands they can be found in.
  • Stagehand 1.x
    • Stagehand AC/Classic
    • Stagehand DC
    • Stagehand Mini
    • Stagehand OEM
  • Stagehand Bipolar
    • Stagehand Pro
    • Stagehand Mini^2
  • Stagehand Unipolar
    • Stagehand Apprentice
    • Stagehand Pro V3
    • Stagehand Servo
    • Pushstick Mini
    • Spotline Mini
You can find the current published versions of Firmware here (https://creativeconners.com/products/software/)

Have no fear if you see “unknown” next to the most recent firmware – the fix is very easy.  Instead of opening the show file directly by double clicking, open Spikemark from the Start Menu, then open your show file from the File menu.  Once the show is open and all Stagehands are connected you will see all the correct info.  If you still see “unknown” after starting Spikemark from the Start Menu it probably means that Spikemark was installed under a different Windows user and the only way to learn what firmware is installed is from the face of the Stagehand Controller.  The current firmware is also displayed on the Stagehand Card at boot-up.

Any Stagehand that requires updated firmware displays a Cloud icon.  Updating the firmware only requires you to click the “Update Motor Firmware” button.  If the update button is not available, or if you are rocking REV10 firmware or you will need to complete the update manually.

Here’s how: (Huge warning: This does not apply to Stagehand FX’s! You cannot update your FX firmware and if you try, you will ‘brick’ it and you will need to send it back to us for a new firmware installation.)
  1. Download the Stagehand Updater here.
  2. Download the firmware file(s) you need
    1. Stagehand 1.x – REV19
    2. Stagehand Bipolar – REV31
    3. Stagehand Unipolar – REV50
    4. Stagehand FX – REV5
  3. Unzip the Stagehand_Update folder to your Desktop
    1. The folder will have 5 files in it – they are all required to be in the same directory as the Stagehand Update.exe application
  4. Release the E-Stop
    1. The Stagehand cannot be in an E-Stop state to update the Firmware
  5. Connect your computer to the Stagehand, either directly or through a network switch
  6. Run Stagehand Update.exe
    1. Enter the IP Address of the Stagehand you need to update
    2. Select the proper firmware firmware file
      1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Pushing the incorrect firmware file to the Stagehand will require a trip back to the factory to restore
    3. Press the UPDATE button
      1. A few new windows will flash on the screen
  7. After the process is complete, the newly updated Stagehand should reboot in about 30 seconds.
    1. During reboot, it should display the new firmware revision number. And that’s it, you’re now running the latest and greatest firmware revision.