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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do a better job marketing our products. Five and a half years ago 2016 I was much more aggressive about sending out wholesale NFL jerseys brochures and postcards regularly. Of course, back then we weren’t really making any Input sales so I had plenty of time be wholesale MLB jerseys on my hands to focus cheap MLB jerseys on marketing. Those efforts slowed to a trickle as production demands grew. Last year we sent in out a мышцы single mailing in January and then nothing else. wholesale jerseys I site, think it’s dangerous to get complacent about growing our customer base. As an experiment, we are going New to send out a direct mailing once a month for the entire year Homosexuals and track the resulting interest and sales to determine how much our marketing efforts are worth. To liven up the experience, we’re rolling out 3 cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys promotions during the course of the the year that will wholesale MLB jerseys be announced on postcards and wholesale jerseys on wholesale mlb jerseys our site. So get ready, it’s going pop! to be a fun year!

Input Actions — New SpikeMark Features

Just a quick post to point out a cool new feature in SpikeMark — Input Actions.

Before Christmas, one of our customers had a specific need. They do a lot of performer flying systems and build incredibly complex cue link sequences to achieve realistic flying effects. Sometimes a winch needs to be temporarily removed from the show for a cue or two. If a performer Overview misses a pickup, Days the motor needs to be disabled and the automation tech Laurence will drive the winch manually to get the actor back on spike. They have built their own hardware to make it easy to switch between automated control and joystick control, but SpikeMark wasn’t playing nice. In an automated cue link sequence, SpikeMark wants to see every motor involved in the cue load the cue information before executing. This is obviously done for safety, if the cue isn’t fully loaded SpikeMark doesn’t want to crash scenery. In the performer flying scenario, the operator KNOWS that it’s OK to run the cue sequence, in fact disrupting the link sequence causes a lot of trouble. What was needed was a button that wholesale jerseys could be pressed to temporarily deactivate a motor and let the wholesale jerseys rest of the show carry on as if it didn’t exist. So… what to do…

Just after Christmas, another customer had a asztma show with a triple ring turntable. Each ring would be running in a cue and at an actor-driven moment in the offense show, the middle ring needs to decelerate and stop. If you tried to use “Stop All Cues”, all 3 rings would stop. The stop point is actor driven, so there’s no way to write an automated link. What was needed was a button that could be pressed to abort a single motor out of a cue sequence. So.. what to do…

We add a new feature called Input Actions. If you have a cheap jerseys China Stagehand FX, you can now use the inputs to trigger global actions. The first two actions that have been created are:

  • Deactivate Stagehand

    This action will take a motor out of all cues until the input is released without affecting cue links.

  • Soft Stop Stagehand

    This cheap jerseys action will abort a Stagehand by taking the programmed deceleration rate immediately without effecting other motors running in a cue.

Input cheap jerseys Actions can be added to any FX input and multiple actions can be attached to a single input, making some cool effects possible. Below is cheap jerseys a screenshot:

If you have ideas for more Input Actions, let us know because I’d love to make this feature South even more useful.

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