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Deck Chief

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Intuitive pushbutton interface with soft-start for smooth and simple operation.
Set your own speed for movement.
Variable Speed
Simple Operation
Instantly stop your motor in an emergency situation.
Deck Chief
Deck Chief is a cost-effective, simple, manual motor controller for repeatable motion and is an excellent fit for many installations.
Safety and security with a built-in lockout key switch.
Lockout Switch
ETL Listed
Deck Chief carries an ETL mark assuring safety and compliance.
Emergency Stop
Brake Control
Rugged Connectors
Output for optional spring-set safety brake.
Remote Control
Powers 3-phase AC motors up to 5hp.
Motor Control
Inputs for end-of-travel limit switched.
Input for optional remote control pendant.
Position Limits
Slow-down Limits
Deck Chief has additional limits inputs for slowing down your motor before the end of travel.
Deck Chief uses industrial locking connectors for all cable connections.

Deck Chief controller: $2,250

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