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Smaller Dimensions – Stellar Performance


Revolver is a friction-drive machine capable of spinning any turntable platform with a circular edge.  Bolt it to the floor and press it into the edge of your existing turntable to instantly motorize your revolve.

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Availability: 3-4 weeks.


Revolver can integrate with most turntables.  Lag it directly to the floor, or use the frame flanges to attach it to your turntable sub-frame.  Wheels up, or wheels down, no problem. At less than 8 1/4″ high it fits snugly under you show deck or incorporates into your scenery.


The motor and drive wheel ride on a spring-loaded suspension to compensate for not-quite-round turntables.  The positioning encoder is mounted on an independent suspension so you never lose accuracy, even if the drive wheel slips.


Revolver has a maximum rim speed of 36″/second (2.9 rpm on a 20′ revolve).  Using a Stagehand Apprentice, Revolver can be over-sped to achieve a maximum speed of 72″/second.


With a 5hp motor, Revolver produces 1200lbs of thrust to effortlessly spin turntables loaded with tons of scenery.

Plug and Play

 Revolver comes pre-wired to connect to Stagehand Apprentice, so you can start writing cues quickly.


Revolver integrates with Showstopper to ensure that all effects can be halted in an instant if problems arise.


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Availability: Ships 3-4 weeks!

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