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Showstopper 3

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Showstopper 3 System

The emergency stop duties of all Creative Conners gear is handled by the Showstopper system. With an emergency stop signal that’s independent of control and power circuits, you can immediately stop every motor in the show with the push of a single red button.  To operate, every Stagehand must receive a green-light signal from Showstopper.
The Showstopper system is composed of up to 4 devices: Showstopper Base, Consolette, Hub, and Remotes. Together they provide a safe environment throughout your venue, and give your crew the kind of control they need to protect the performers, the crew, and the scenery.


Showstopper Base

Showstopper Base is where it all begins. This rack-mountable device can power the emergency-stop contactors of up to 8 Stagehands and is the device hub for Showstopper accessories.

  • Redundant safety circuitry – Showstopper Base employs 2-channel activation of the safety circuit. If either channel fails, the system will continue to engage the e-stop, but it will not allow the system to release the stop signal until all components are functioning.
  • Self monitoring – Base has integrated monitoring of the circuitry, so circuitry failures of either redundant circuit will be detected.
  • Better hardware – Base uses a SIL-rated safety relay for switching.
  • Expandability – Each Showstopper Base connects to 8 Stagehands directly. If that’s not enough, you can easily expand with the Showstopper Hub (below) and place additional emergency stop buttons around your theatre with the Showstopper Remote.
  • Accessory expansion – Showstopper Base has 3 accessory connectors for integrating the Consolette, a Hub, or a Remote without using one of the 8 Showstopper  output ports.

Price: $2,500

Availability: Ships today!

Rental: $50/week


Showstopper Consolette

Emergency stop and cue controller for scenic automation

Our Showstopper Consolette is the cue-control accessory for the Showstopper system. With this device jacked into your Showstopper Base, you’ve got full control of your show and your gear. Read all the details…

  • Emergency stop button – When the Consolette is plugged into the Showstopper Base, the e-stop circuit becomes part of the complete Showstopper e-stop loop. Any red emergency stop button will stop the show.
  • Straightforward controls – The Consolette includes the controls necessary to run your show. Full-size buttons eliminate mouse fumbling during a show.
  • Jog function – New with the Consolette, motor jog functionality is now baked-in.
  • Ethernet connection – Connect your Consolette to your Spikemark computer using ethernet.

Showstopper Consolette w/10ft device cable: $2,500

Availability: Ships today!

Rental: $50/week

Showstopper Hub

When you need to connect more than 8 Stagehands to the emergency stop system, Showstopper Hub lets you expand. Showstopper Hub provides 8 more emergency stop outputs. And you can expand even further by simply adding more Showstopper Hubs to the system.

  • Simple – Plug your Showstopper Hub into an open accessory port on your Showstopper Base, and you’re ready for 8 more Stagehands.
  • Expandable – In addition to the accessory port for tying into your Showstopper Base, the Hub also has an additional accessory port for adding on additional Hubs or Remotes.


  • Showstopper Hub: 8 Port Emergency Stop Expansion Device  • $2,500
  • 50 ft Device Cable  • $500

Availability: Ships today!

Rental: Coming soon


Image of Showstopper remote for safe scenic automation

Showstopper Remote

Sometimes you need more than one emergency stop button on the stage.  When the operator can’t see every possilbe safety concern, you may need an emergency stop button in the trap room, or over in the stage left wing, or right next to the machinery.
The Showstopper Remote adds an additional stop button anywhere in the theatre. And because Showstopper Remotes can daisy-chain together, you can have as many stop buttons as you need to keep the production safe.

  • Expandable – The Showstopper Remote plugs into a Showstopper Base or Hub  to provide an additional stop button.  To add more stop buttons, just daisy-chain Showstopper Remotes together.


  • Showstopper Remote • $500
  • 50 ft Device Cable  • $500

Availability: 3-4 weeks

Rental: Coming soon

*All rentals incur a 1-week prep fee.

System Diagram

Advanced System Diagram