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Showstopper Consolette

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Showstopper 3 Consolette

Control at your fingertips.


Powerful enough to control all the effects onstage. Small enough not to get in the way backstage. Buy It Now Availability: Ships today!

Network Connected

Powered from the Showstopper Base, and connected to Spikemark over Ethernet, the Showstopper Consolette is easy to move to front of house for tech, to the booth for the show, or up on stage during load-in.

Jog Controls

Jog motors into place either by speed or position using the joystick or dial. With a rugged industrial joystick, motors smoothly glide across the stage at your command. Incrementally tweak position of any machine with the dial giving you effortless precision.

Status Display

Easy to read in the dark backstage, the four-line OLED status display keeps you informed of what cues are running, the position of a motor you’re jogging, or any faults in the system.

Cue Control

You’ll love the feel of physical buttons when running a show. The cue control buttons are Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches for that satisfying click. Subtle backlighting makes it easy to see backstage. And the giant Go button pulses when you’re ready to roll, glows steadily while cues are running, and dims when nothing is moving on stage, keeping you informed at a glance.

Emergency Stop

Showstopper Consolette plugs into the Showstopper Base with robust Emergency Stop circuitry. Dual-channel, self-monitoring circuitry insures that all motion can be stopped in an instant. Dedicated Emergency Stop indicator lights let you know if any Emergency Stop buttons on stage have been activated.

Locking Connectors

For positive-locking, reliable connections, that will stand up to the demands backstage life, the Showstopper Consolette uses a Neutrik etherCON connector and an Ilme industrial rectangular connector.

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