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Stagehand FX

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The Stagehand FX is a network-enabled input/output controller that can be used with Spikemark to add simple mechanical effects, such as pneumatic valves, to your show.

Key features:

  • Simple – Stagehand FX is a flexible I/O controller.  Give it 120VAC power, an ethernet connection, and a Showstopper cable and you’re ready to control simple effects with Spikemark.  With Stagehand FX, you can now coordinate both simple switched devices and motors being run by Stagehand motion controllers.
  • Expandable – Each Stagehand FX operates 4 relay outputs (rated for 3A at 30VAC/42VDC), and can sense 4 dry-contact inputs.  You can connect various power sources to the relay outputs making it easy to control solenoid valves, and small motors from a single Stagehand FX.  Any switch can be connected to the Stagehand FX inputs and used as trigger cue links.
  • Easy to setup – Stagehand FX uses pluggable terminal blocks for the I/O connections, making it easy for you to connect any device.
  • Safe – Each Stagehand FX integrates with the Showstopper emergency stop system to ensure that all effects can be halted in an instant if any problems develop.


  • Stagehand FX: Input/output effects controller • $2,000


  • Stagehand FX • Ships today!


  • Stagehand FX • $50/wk*

* All rental incur a 1-week prep fee.

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