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Tame Your Hydraulic Effects

Stagehand Hydraulic is designed to bring elegant precise motion control to hydraulic power and efficiency. Sometimes the right tool for the job is the tried and true hydraulic scissor lift, ram, or other machine. 

It’s perfect for controlling a hydraulic scissor lifts that need to interlock with a trap door or sunroof. Bring intuitive, flexible, programmable control to nearly any hydraulic machine. Your scissor lifts can move to pinpoint positions with precise timing. Best of all, your hydraulics can be choreographed with other flying, spinning, tracking scenery.

Tightly Packed. Smartly Stacked.

The Stagehand Hydraulic is 3 devices in one – a hydraulic valve power supply, safety interlock system, and motion controller packed into a small 3 rack unit enclosure.

Stagehand Hydraulic brings sophisticated control to effects equipped with proportional valves. With Spikemark, your moving scenery has unlimited stored positions, variable speeds, along with time & speed-based cueing.

Manually jogged (locally or remotely) hydraulic effects to fine-tune positions. When necessary take advantage of limit override buttons to speed up your load-in and tech rehearsals.

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Bursting with Inputs & Outputs

Industrial multi-conductor latching connectors carry valve power, speed control, and sensor feedback signals.

A cornicorpia of safety and limit connectors interlock a litany of protection and travel monitoring. Ethernet RJ45 and 5-pin XLR facilitate Spikemark communication and emergency stop monitoring.

And there’s more… Stagehand Hydraulic can power a brake valve with a seperate 24VDC output signal for when your stage machinery needs it.

Powerful Control Signal

Stagehand Hydraulic sends power and speed signal to a valve amplifier or the valve On Board Electronics (OBE) to control a variable proportional valve. The proportional valve acts like a variable frequency drive for a traditional AC motor.

The Stagehand Hydraulic powers your valve amplifier or OBE and sends a +/-10VDC speed signal to control the flow (speed) of your valve.
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Control to Go and Stop

It’s not enough to Make It Move, you also need to Make It Stop if its not safe. The Stagehand Hydraulic monitors forward, reverse, and ultimate limit circuits. Auxiliary limit connections allow interlocked additional sensors to halt motion as an added layer of protection.

Forward and Reverse Safety Sensor provide an easy way to incorporate pressure mats, bumper switches, light curtains, and other measurement or detection devices. Don’t move that lift if someone is standing beneath it.

Ready to add a Stagehand Hydraulic to your Show?

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  • Size: 19″ wide x 5.22″ high x 17.5″ deep (3 RU)

  • Input Voltage: 110VAC Single Phase 50/60 HZ

  • Max Input Current: 1.4 amps

  • Valve Power Output Voltage: 24VDC

  • Valve Power Output Max Current: 2.5A

  • Valve Speed Control Output Voltage: +/- 10VDC

  • Position Encoder: Differential, incremental encoders for speed and position control. 5VDC (12VDC tolerant) with differential line driver

  • Limit Inputs: Normally Closed (N.C.) forward, reverse, ultimate

$ 6050
Stagehand Hydraulic

Control & integrate hydraulic effects with Spikemark


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