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Rotate. Revolve. Repeat.

Turntable is a feature-packed, simple to install, and ruggedly designed spinning platform. Paired with a Revolver, the Turntable effortlessly spins smoothly and silently. 

Perfect for everything from legitimate theatre, touring productions, and even car shows. Turntable takes the hassle out of set-up and leveling and let’s you get on with the show.

Fast to Install

We’ve taken the pain and time out of building and installing your turntable. Two people can take it from pallet to spinning in 1 to 2 hours. All the frame pieces are sized to be easily handled with convenient hand holes.

Installation requires only a hex key to lock platform wedges into position. The center hub and wheels up “spider” frame require ZERO tools. Casters are integrated into the frame for optimal placement and alignment.
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Advanced Center Pivot

The heart of any turntable is the center pivot. It’s critical that it is true, durable, and can smoothly rotate. Our Turntable’s pivot is based on an industrial slewing ring. Similiar to the slewing rings used in construction cranes, Turntable rotates with minimal force and completely silently.

Turntable’s pivot includes an encoder to connect to your Revolver. Get the most precise positioning (even when dancers shuffle and actors shake the platform).

Beyond the basics, Turntable’s pivot integrate a slip ring for two circuits of 110v power into four floor pockets. Power practical lighting, effects, and more without worrying about winding and unwinding cable beneath your scenery.

Easy to Level

Every framing member and the center pivot include leveling feet. No longer will you need to add shims and hope for the best when it’s time to align with the surrounding decking.

Large heavy-duty feet mean that the pressure is spread out on the sub-floor to guarantee the load is well supported and stable.
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Silent Spinning

No matter the show, no one wants to hear a creaking, squeaking platform.Noise can be generated from any number of sources: friction at the pivot, mis-aligned (or inadequately sized and spaced) casters, rubbing framing and decking. When you hear something after installation it’s a nightmare to chase down the culprit.

Turntable’s large diameter casters, industrial pillow blocks, pivot’s slewing ring, and tightly fastened platform lid all work together for silent spinning. Regardless of speed or load, your audience will only hear the performance not the automation.

Ready to add a Turntable to your Show?

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Size & Weight
  • 12'-0" Diameter
  • Minimum 9" high from sub-floor to plywood top
  • Total weight: 1900 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 2350 lbs.
Speed & Thrust
  • 30 degrees per second max angular speed
  • 1 degree per second minimum angular speed
  • Distributed max load: 75 psf
  • Max  point Load: 250 lbs.
Frame & Hardware
  • 14 Caster-up leveling frame unit
  • Two heavy-duty casters per frame leg
  • Industrial slewing ring at center hub
  • 4 electrical pockets at center
  • Two discreet single phase 35 amp circuits
  • Neutrik True-1 connector (female inlet)


  • Turntable + Revolver Kit


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12'-0" diameter turntable.


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Friction drive turntable machine

Stagehand Apprentice

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Automation controller for lateral movement

Showstopper 3 Basae

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Emergency stop circuitry for up to eight axis

Showstopper 3 Consolette

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Remote station to execute cues, jog motors, and e-stop button

Spikemark License

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Software to program and visualize all your scenic moves

Electrical Cables

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  • 50ft Power Cable

  • 50ft Ethernet Cable

  • 10ft Ethernet Cable

  • Ethernet switch

  • 50ft Showstopper Cable

  • 10 Showstopper Accessory Device Cable

$ 54500
Turntable Only

12ft diameter Turntable. Center hub includes 4 floor pockets with 2 110v circuits.

$ 85500
Turntable + Revolver Starter Kit

Complete Turntable kit will have you spinning in no time. Everything you need to rotate your show.

Want to Rent a Turntable?

Rent a complete Turntable +Revolver kit or just the Turntable when you need it. (Turntable rents for $1200 per week)

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