Ramping Up

The summer is in full swing 


Our summer team members, Jon & Kody, are learning lots of new skills. We decided that we’d take the opportunity teach the guys about machining processes while stocking up components that we manufacture for our Pushstick, Revolver, and Spotline. We bought a pile of aluminum stock and steel shaft material…



Jon is learning how to single-point thread on our lathe…

Jon on the lathe  


Kody is learning how to operate the Tormach CNC mill to make various parts (bearing housings, tension mounts, etc.)…

Kody on the Tormach 

Busy Summer

Both Kody and Jon are fast-learners, careful, and competent. They are doing great work here and seem to be enjoying the opportunity to learn some skills that aren’t common in typical scene shops. In the coming weeks they’ll get a chance to do some electrical & electronic work. Should be fun!