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Smart Chain Hoist

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Smart Chain Hoist

Powerful machines. Powerful controls.

1/2 Ton Capacity 1/2 Ton Capacity
Variable Speed. 18 inches per second max Variable Speed. 8 inches per second max
$10,000 $7,500

Programmable and cue-able with Stagehand Pro and Spikemark.


All the power and versatility of your favorite chain hoist controlled with the power of Spikemark.

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Coordinate choreographed lifting

Write and execute cues just like all Creative Conners machines. Program position, time, and speed. All of our Smart Hoist have dual brakes and dual encoders to ensure precise movement and positioning.

Simple Cabling

A Stagehand Pro AC  provides all power and data to a Smart Chain Hoist over only two cables with industrially tough connectors.

Precise Positioning

High resolution encoders ensures your Smart Chain Hoist move where you want and stop with precision. Persistent Positioning ensures that position data is never lost, even if you lose power.

Rig it. Plug it. Cue it.

Make your chain hoist part of the show.

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