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Aluminum Frame
Plug right into Stagehand Pro AC. Encoder feedback, limit, and ultimate limit signals run through a single connector for streamlined setup.
Stagehand Pro AC can be mounted directly to the side of Spotline for compact, smart machine.
Stagehand Mount
8″ diameter aluminum drum grooved for 1/4″ aircraft cable. Integrated cable keeper keeps the haul line wound neatly on the drum. 75′ total capacity.
Spotline Hoist Spotline is specifically designed for vertical lifting. With integrated safety features including a redundant brake, Spotline can safely handle big loads without counter-weight assist.
All-aluminum frame construction reduces weight and eliminates corrosion.
Spotline has been rigorously engineered and certified so you can lift with confidence.
Power Input
Control Input
5hp SEW AC gearmotor with integrated brake and encoder. 20:1 gearbox hauls 500 lbat 36 in/sec.
Cable Drum
Plug right into Stagehand Pro AC. Motor, primary brake, and secondary brake are all powered through a single connector for streamlined setup.
With the optional Spotline Tensioner you can convert the hoist into a standard deck winch. Get more use out of your Spotline in every show.
A secondary brake on the drum shaft adds redundancy to insure the Spotline can stop and hold the load safely in any condition.
Accessory Tensioner
Load-Side Brake
Pipe Mounting
1.5″ schedule 80 aluminum pipes integrated into the frame make it easy to mount the Spotline to trusses or grids using Mega-Clamps.
Spotline weighs 375 lb, or 420 lb with a Stagehand Pro AC attached.
Spotline measures 30.5″ wide x 35.7″ high x 18.5″ deep.
Limit Switch
The four-pole rotary limit switch provides Up, Down, and Ultimate limit signals.
Spotline hoist: $19,000
Availability: 4-6 weeks. Spotline requires Stagehand Pro AC
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    Spotline hoist for safe and easy vertical lifting

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