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Pushstick is a workhorse winch designed for the theatre.  Fast, quiet, rugged, and simple to setup, this winch makes moving scenery an easy part of your production.  Pushstick ships ready to plug into a Stagehand, getting you up and running quickly.

Key features:

  • Simple – Pre-wired plugs, built-in cable-tensioning, and a spring-loaded cable-keeper allow for quick set-up and take down.  Each winch comes with the accessories you need for reliable motion control: encoder, brake, and limit switches.
  • Powerful – Pushstick comes in either 2hp or 5hp models capable of producing up to 1000lbs of pull which will drag wagons weighing thousands of pounds.
  • Fast – Pushstick pulls scenery at 27″/sec, and with a Stagehand AC it can be oversped to move at a brisk 54″/sec.
  • Rugged – All-steel construction makes the Pushstick extremely strong.  Direct-drive gearing means there are no belts to slip or chains to break. Mount the winch in any orientation to suit your show.


  • Pushstick AC: 5hp winch • $20,000
  • Pushstick AC: 2hp winch • $19,500


  • Pushstick AC: 5hp winch • 4-6 weeks
  • Pushstick AC: 2hp winch • 4-6 weeks


  • Pushstick AC: 5hp winch • $200/wk*
  • Pushstick AC: 2hp winch • Not available
  • Pushstick DC: 2hp winch • Not available

*All rentals incur a 1-week prep fee.


  • Size – Pushstick measures 34.6″ wide x 40″ long x 14.4″ high.
  • Weight – Pushstick has a shipping weight of 620 pounds, with control and crate.
  • Drawing – You can view a drawing of Pushstick here.

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